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Day 24

27 Feb

Less than a week to go now.  I’m not sure if I will stop at thirty days.  Like I said before, I’m thinking of extending to 6 weeks to match the people on Vegucated. We will see once these 30 days are over.  It will be a game-time decision.

Well, day 24 started off the same way for breakfast, coffee and toast with toffutti cream cheese.  I went to work and snacked on a few pieces of fruit to go along with my mid day meal replacement shake.

I got home at around 7:30 and my wife had made some quinoa salad and tacos (we had leftover shells and seasoning from taco night the other day). She cooked up some seitan and mushrooms with the seasoning for taco filling.  She made that same “sour cream” from the other night and we filled the remaining shell space with lettuce and vegan pizza cheese. The quinoa salad was excellent. I stuffed myself on it.  It’s got avocado in it, and that’s one of my favorite ingredients in anything!



This was one of my favorite dinners of the vegan experiment thus far. This is company worthy stuff.

Well, that’s it for now.  Good night!


Day 23

26 Feb

Back to the grind, Monday moring…

Always the hardest day to get up and get things going.  At 7am, I started off with some bread with toffuti and coffee. Headed to work.  I ate a vegan bar pre workout, and then I had my usual shake afterwards for lunch, an apple around 4 and got home around 7:45pm.

My wife made a pasta dish with a almond cream sauce she found online. This stuff was really good!  She added spinach and topped it with some pan-fried seitan slivers (from the night before):


This is something you could serve a meat-eater and they would feel satisfied. Tons of protien from the almonds, whole-wheat pasta and seitan.

Dessert was dark chocolate and a tangerine.

Well, that’s the day recap. Only one week left to 30 days.

Seitan Recipe

25 Feb

Here is my latest try at a seitan recipe. Here are the ingredients:

For seitan:

1 cup gluten flour (mine is from MagBio in Romanel, packaged as “gluten de blé “)
2 cups vegetable stock (mine was from “Rapunzel Vegan Vegetable Bouillon with Sea Salt & Herbs)

For broth to cook seitan in:

1 liter of water (or broth of your choice, I used 4 tsp of “Better than Bouillon No Chicken Base”)



Start with your cup of gluten flour in a large mixing bowl. Add about a cup of the vegetable stock and mix it into the gluten flour to make a dough. Keep adding the stock until all the flour is mixed into one lump of dough.  Knead the dough for a minute or two, then add the rest of the stock and keep kneading in the stock.  By now the rest of the stock will remain at the bottom of the bowl.

Turn the stove on to bring the broth to a boil.  While waiting, cut the dough up into pieces about the size of a golf ball if you were to roll it up into a ball. Once the water is at a rolling boil, put the pieces of dough into the water, cover, and lower it to a simmer and leave for about an hour, stirring occasionally.


After the hour is up, set aside and let cool in broth. You can use right away after this or keep in the fridge for about a week or so.  If you plan on using it later than that, you can freeze it.

This is my best go at seitan so far.  It tastes like chicken.