Hmmm, I lied about Thrive.

19 Jun

Well, here’s an update. I never started the Thrive Diet or Workout regimen. I am working out, but on my own routine. My goal is to increase strength and cut fat, but not necessarily gain bulkier muscle.

My routine is 3 full body workouts a week and at least two running sessions a week. I alternate my full body workouts between a medium weight, heavy weight and light weight days. Each day consist of one pull (pull-ups, rows…), one push (bench press, dips, shoulder press…) and one legs (squats, dead-lift, box jumps…). I finish off with an ab and lower back superset and then some stretching. I won’t go into the specifics, as I’m not a trainer or anything, so you’re better off asking a professional. If you would like to compare notes or have recommendations for me, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I’ve been at it for a few months. While I’m getting stronger, not sure my diet is ideal. For the training I’m doing, I might not be eating enough to optimize my strength gains. I don’t want to gain any fat, so I’m limiting my calorie intake, but this might be at the expense of muscle recovery. It doesn’t seem like I’ve lost much fat either though. Like I said, my diet is probably all wrong.

I’ve been ok about staying away from meats and dairy for the most part. But now that it’s grilling season, I have definitely gone from 2-3 meals a week with meat, to about 5-6. This brings me to the Thrive workout/diet. I really need to get on this to see if it works. However, it might have to weight until summer is over. I’m sticking to a mainly vegetarian diet (80-90%). Vegan is just too much for me. I like eggs and cheese too much. So the plan is, to enjoy summer and then get serious after the season and start Thrive.

One last thing, in the coming weeks I plan on sharing a few recipes I’ve come across that are really good. Until next time!


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