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Day 30 – And Done!

6 Mar

Well, I’m a little late on this post because I got kind of lazy.

We finished our 30 day Vegan journey two nights ago with great success. I had to get up a little earlier than usual because I had a doctor’s appointment.  I got my results for my yearly checkup. Clean bill of health, I’m proud to say. Everything came out normal, even my blood pressure, which was a concern when I went in last (though he said it might have just been that particular day and me being stressed and tired). Well, this time around it was 120/61, normal. I doubt it’s because of the diet, but I’m sure it didn’t hurt.

Anyway, I didn’t eat before getting to the office, so I popped into Coop to grab something.  Pretty scarce on the vegan stuff.  Most of the bread has butter or cheese in it, unless I wanted to buy a huge loaf. I settled for a box of Dar-Vida. These are always good in a pinch. My mom turned me onto these.  She always has a bag of these in her purse. I had a few of them and a banana.

For lunch I had my scrumptious Raw Meal replacement shake and an apple later in the day.

My wife made some spinach pesto (modified version of this recipe, using nutritional yeast instead of Parmesan) with some Corniture vegan meatballs for dinner.  Very cheesy tasting and the added meatballs gave it a great finishing touch.  She served it over some tomato quinoa pasta, which we got from MagBio in Romanel. This quinoa pasta is gluten-free for those of you who have the allergy.


It came out nice and cheesy.  One of the many great dishes we’ve experience along the way.  For dessert we had the leftover desert from the night before. Well, that’s about it for our last day!  We made it! Stay posted for a summary and thoughts post to come in the next days.



Day 29

4 Mar

This Sunday, I got up around 7:30am, had my coffee and a bagel with toffuti cream cheese.  Yes you can get bagels at the grocery stores here.  It is not the same as the ones you get in the U.S. Not enough choice here.  You basically have plain or sesame seeds.  You can go into Geneva and get some variety. My favorite place is Cheesecake and Company.

For lunch we just had leftovers.

For dinner we cooked for others for the first time since we started this diet.  We had my parents and two of my brothers over. I decided to make something we had earlier this month that we deemed “worthy” for company. It was the Jamaican Vegetable Medley and Coconut Rice (I added black beans to the rice this time) from day 7.



My family loved it.  They cleaned it out and were ready to eat more.  I’m glad we could show them that a vegan meal can be good.

For dessert we had yellow cake (Duncan Hines box mix is vegan) with mango and whipped coconut cream.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

My family really liked everything. Clean plates will always tell you that. No leftovers is another sign.

Well, that’s it for this post.  Tomorrow is our last day! Not that I couldn’t go for longer, but we’ll probably stop at 30 days and go on a 90-95% vegan diet. We’ll see.

Good night all.

Day 28

3 Mar

Saturday morning, I was up early, as usual.  My wife always sleeps in about an hour or two after me. I like that because it gives me 1-2 hours of video game time, which I take full advantage of.

When she got up, she asked if I would make chocolate chip pancakes. I obliged and did it with Bisquick and used almond milk and egg replacement and made sure the chips were vegan. On the weekends in the morning we like revisit our kid days.  So while eating breakfast we watched Heathcliff (a show both of us grew up watching on Saturday mornings).

For lunch we finished off the baba ghanoush and later had some popcorn while watching Snow White and the Huntsman.  Pretty entertaining flick, though Kristen Stewart can be a little annoying at times. Movie itself was entertaining, especially because I had low expectations.

For dinner, my wife made a soup and I wanted to try a new appetizer recipe that is in our 30 Minute Vegan book. They were the zucchini rolls which were made with tofu, tahini paste, nutritional yeast, olive oil and a bunch of herbs, baked quickly in the oven.


They came out awesome, and I’m going to try the filling in stuffed mushrooms next time. It comes out with a very cheesy taste. I would love to share the recipe, but don’t want to infringe on anyone’s intellectual property. I do highly recommend this book though. So far all of the recipes we’ve tried have been good.

My wife’s meal she prepared was a modified version of “Frogmore Stew,” from Perfect One-Dish Dinners. She wasn’t too happy with it. Sometimes modifying recipes to be vegan is trial and error. This one tasted ok, but the lemon overpowered everything.  Probably because the meat that was supposed to go in there would balance out the flavor. I think with another go, it could be good, but we’ll try to move on to other recipes before doing that.

Well, that’s about all for today. Just two days left!

Day 27

2 Mar

Friday! Weeks are going so quick.  Next week will finally quiet down at work again, which will be great. 

My wife and I got up at 6am to go to the gym before work.  We worked a new routine of going to the gym before work and she drops me off at the office. So, I started off with a small bowl of cereal in the morning before the workout.  When I got to the office, I had the meal replacement shake that I usually have for lunch.

So, for lunch, I went to the cafeteria to see what vegan things I could find. I settled on mainly warm lentils and added some broccoli, zucchini, carrots and other side stuff from the salad bar and topped it with some pumpkin seeds and hazelnuts. It was ok. I definitely prefer the home-cooked meals my wife prepares.

When I got home, we just ate a really quick, I won’t even call it dinner. We had pita bread and baba ghanoush.  We had a party we were going to for a friend’s 30th  birthday. It was a hipster theme party too.  We had some fun with it and got dressed up. They had a really nice spread there, but everything had cheese or meat on it! It was to be expected though. The things we could eat were olives, chips (there were potato chips and then these tomato chips which were interesting) and hummus.

We got home around 1am and I ate a couple skyflakes with vegan cream cheese on it before bed. That’s it for day 27.