Day 24

27 Feb

Less than a week to go now.  I’m not sure if I will stop at thirty days.  Like I said before, I’m thinking of extending to 6 weeks to match the people on Vegucated. We will see once these 30 days are over.  It will be a game-time decision.

Well, day 24 started off the same way for breakfast, coffee and toast with toffutti cream cheese.  I went to work and snacked on a few pieces of fruit to go along with my mid day meal replacement shake.

I got home at around 7:30 and my wife had made some quinoa salad and tacos (we had leftover shells and seasoning from taco night the other day). She cooked up some seitan and mushrooms with the seasoning for taco filling.  She made that same “sour cream” from the other night and we filled the remaining shell space with lettuce and vegan pizza cheese. The quinoa salad was excellent. I stuffed myself on it.  It’s got avocado in it, and that’s one of my favorite ingredients in anything!



This was one of my favorite dinners of the vegan experiment thus far. This is company worthy stuff.

Well, that’s it for now.  Good night!


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