Day 23

26 Feb

Back to the grind, Monday moring…

Always the hardest day to get up and get things going.  At 7am, I started off with some bread with toffuti and coffee. Headed to work.  I ate a vegan bar pre workout, and then I had my usual shake afterwards for lunch, an apple around 4 and got home around 7:45pm.

My wife made a pasta dish with a almond cream sauce she found online. This stuff was really good!  She added spinach and topped it with some pan-fried seitan slivers (from the night before):


This is something you could serve a meat-eater and they would feel satisfied. Tons of protien from the almonds, whole-wheat pasta and seitan.

Dessert was dark chocolate and a tangerine.

Well, that’s the day recap. Only one week left to 30 days.


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