Day 22 – Indian Lunch and Sushi Night!

25 Feb

I started of the day with two pieces of toast, toffuti cream cheese and coffee. It was quite light by Sunday breakfast standards for us because we were going to lunch with some friends of ours at noon.

We went to Sri Krishna (Avenue du Léman 79, 1005 Lausanne), an Indian restaurant my wife wanted to try. This was a good test for eating vegan in Lausanne. We thought Indian food was very vegan friendly, until we tried to order our favorites. Samosas? Egg used to seal the wrappers. Naan? Butter’s in it. SOOO, two of my favorites are off the table. We ended up settling on these deep fried, breaded vegetables for appetizers, and this curry dish mix of carrots, potatoes, peas, chick peas and peas. This stuff was great. And they actually made it spicy! The Swiss palate is very sensitive to spice, so the fact that my mouth actually had some fire to it. Instead of naan, we got chapati, which they made vegan friendly just for us!

The restaurant is good, but be prepared for limited choice. If you are just a vegetarian, you’ll be fine.  They have about 5 or 6 choices.

For dinner, my parents had us over for dinner.  We rolled our own sushi, though she prepped everything before. We used avocado, cucumber, the seitan I made, carrots, black sesame seeds, and mango (yup, we got this idea when we had sushi in the Philippines).




Before digging into the sushi, my mom served us some homemade miso soup.


On top of this, my mom mad jap chae.  The same noodle dish I made a while back. Mama’s food is always better of course!


She put egg on the dish because she forgot that we couldn’t eat it!  So we took from the bottom, where it didn’t touch so we couldn’t be accused of cheating.

Let’s just say we ate really well today. We were stuffed. Eating at Mama’s is always a feast. She also teaches Asian cooking classes out of their home. I’m sure, if you want vegan/vegetarian classes, she could do it. She already has so much experience cooking for my wife, and now me for this month.

Anyway, that’s it for today. Have a great night.


One Response to “Day 22 – Indian Lunch and Sushi Night!”

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