Day 20

23 Feb

Hey guys.  Well, Friday was a typical routine of coffee and muesli for breakfast. I worked through lunch and just had the meal replacement shake I always have at work.  I had a banana around 4pm. I got home just before eight.

We had ordered a bunch of stuff from and received it today. We ordered the pizza “cheese” from there, so we had another pizza night!


What can I say, it’s easy and always tastes great!  We used the M-Budget crust from Migros.


We just took some ready-made arrabiata sauce, spinach, basil and the cheese.  We brushed a mix of olive oil, salt, garlic and Italian herbs on the crust.  We still have to find the right temp to bake it at, though 220 for 20 min seemed about right for this one. The last 5 minutes we used the “air” heating because the crust seemed a little soft after 15 minutes.



It was good. I, of course, ate more than half of it. And for dessert, we had this vegan candy bar we ordered form too!



It was great, and tasted like an Almond Joy!

Well, that’s it for tonight.  Good night all.



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