Day 17

20 Feb

I did my morning routine of up at 7, breakfast of coffee and peanut butter on toast. I got to work and was quite busy again, so I only really had time to have my protein shake. I left early because I had a doctor appointment, meaning I got home at around six.

My wife made another soup, from her “Babe’s Country Cookbook.”  Yes Babe the movie.  It’s a meat free cookbook.  It was pretty tasty, called “Great White Northern Minestrone,” loaded with beans and vegetables.  Sorry, forgot to take a picture.

For dessert, we used that coconut cream my wife made the night before on some mango:


It’s not really mango season, so we were surprised that the mango tasted as good as it did.  It’s no mango from the Philippines, but it was pretty good.

Well, that’s it for tonight.

Ciao for now.


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