Day 16 – Taco Night!

19 Feb

Back to the grind.  Got up at 7am, had my cereal and coffee and headed to work.  Snacked on a vegan energy/protein bar before heading to the gym for lunch, and had my meal replacement shake when I got back to my desk.

I have been working like a dog lately, so the opportunity to leave early presented itself and I took it.  To my wife’s surprise, I got home a little after six.  She was still laying on the sofa playing “Candy Crush,” her latest obsession. She was all like “why didn’t you tell me you were coming home!  I haven’t even started dinner.”  It worked out for her, because I helped her out.  We decided to have tacos tonight.  We had the El Paso Taco kit from Casino Hypermarket. To replace the ground beef, we used this stuff from COOP.


look for the vegan seal


It cooks pretty well.  We used coconut oil.  You should add in some water or soup stock to moisten it.  We followed the directions on the taco kit, adding in the seasoning and all.


Then made our tacos using the “meat,” lettuce, tomatoes and my wife’s vegan “sour cream” (mix of almond mayo and a spicy soy cheese spread, both found at MagBio):


They were great!  I had 3 of them (only because we ran out of the “meat”) and then some salad with sprouts, walnuts, broccoli and carrots.

For dessert, we tried to mask the molasses taste of the brownies my wife made (from last night’s post), with whipped cream made from coconut cream, vanilla and sugar, whipped with a hand held mixer).


Unfortunately, it did nothing to mask the molasses taste.  The cream itself was really good though. My wife is probably going to toss the brownies out. 😦

Well, that was our exciting vegan “Taco Night.” Who says you can’t have fun dinner nights as a vegan?  We’ve done vegan pizza night, vegan Chinese fondue and now taco night.  Stay tuned for cheese fondue soon!

Good night.


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