Day 12 – Valentine’s Day

15 Feb

So, this day started off a little different.  My wife got up and made us valentine pancakes with all vegan ingredients.  She used Emily Cooks Vegan pancake recipe.  

Great to start off the day!

I got some vegan snack bars from Iherb to have before working out during lunch.  Post workout I had the same shake I always do.

I got home around eight to a quiet, at home dinner with the wifey.  I like the low key stuff much better.  So after the gift exchange we ate this some vegan pizza which my wife found online.  You just have to google it and thousands of links come up.  The trick is to use a garlic/olive oil brushing on the crust to give it that little flavoring.



It was pretty good.  The vegan “cheese” doesn’t really melt, but the taste is pretty good.  I burned my mouth quite thoroughly, but kept eating it through the pain.  We then watched Valentine’s Day, which is a great V-Day movie. 

We tried to get our chocolate fix with these (bought at MagBIo):


It didn’t work.  It did not taste like a treat, more like a chore to choke down the pieces we broke off of this bar.  I do not recommend this to anyone, and they were 8 CHF a bar!  I found out Oreos were vegan friendly, so I think that will be a good go to sweet tooth fix in the future.

Well, that was our Valentine’s day.  Nice and simple, just the two of us.  No need for bad service or food or annoying patrons of an overcrowded restaurant to ruin your night.  Only thing is you have to clean up afterwards…which we didn’t really do. 

Have a great Friday everyone.


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