Day 11 – Work Dinner

13 Feb

This is going to be short because I just got home and it’s already past eleven.

Today, I went through my normal morning routine, and had bread with vegan cream cheese, which my wife got from the MagBio store in Romanel.  Lunch, I went for a run at the gym and drank my shake at the desk while working.  These shakes are so convenient that I bought another tub.  I went for the vanilla flavored one.  So let’s see how that tastes.  I wonder if it will mix with apple juice and pineapple juice as well as the regular stuff, or if the vanilla flavoring will through it off a little.

For dinner, I had a business dinner with colleagues.  Thankfully, it was at Au Canard Pekinois, a Chinese restaurant, which is probably the easiest to get vegan/vegetarian stuff.  I ordered the vegetable steamed dumplings (ginger and vegetables) as a started and some deep fried tofu with mushrooms.  Both were pretty good, but I was looking at everyone’s Peking duck.  That skin looked so crispy…I’d have to say, this was harder than the fondue. I could taste the skin melting in my mouth.  It would have been worse if my food wasn’t good.  But it was.  I mean, deep fried anything is going to usually be good.  It was crispy on the outside and soft and gooey on the inside.  Mushroom sauce was good too.

For someone trying to stay vegetarian, this place has quite a few options.  For vegan, it’s a little harder.  Be warned vegans and vegetarians, a few of the dishes in the “vegetarian” section had oyster sauce in it.  If you ask them to remove the oyster sauce, I’m sure it would be pretty plain, but they might do it and just ask for extra soy sauce or chili.  I think there was a choice of maybe 3 dishes from the vegetable page that were purely vegan.  Just make sure to ask what’s in the sauce, or if the noodles are not egg and you should be safe.  Anyway, it’s about my bed time.  Good night and have a great Valentine’s Day tomorrow!


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