Day 8

10 Feb

Well, today was quite an eventful day!  I finally made it out to snowboard today.  I haven’t been in two years…which is such a shame since I live in Switzerland.  I went with a few friends to La Dôle in St-Cergue.  It was the first time I’ve ever gone snowboarding in La Jura area.  We usually go somewhere in Valais, so it felt weird heading towards Geneva to hit the slopes.  I actually liked the place because it wasn’t so crowded and the slopes are wide and easy, so it was perfect for the first time back in two years.  I’m a beginner anyway. Here are a few pics so you get the idea of how the area is:Image



We were skiing/snowboarding for about two hours before we went for lunch…which I was pretty sure wouldn’t be that great of an experience for me.  We ended up at this restaurant that mainly serves fondue.  Everything else on the menu had either cheese or meat in it…except for a vegetable soup…great. I ordered that and saw that they had fries that were served with a burger.  I asked for a side of fries, but guess what?  You HAD to order the burger.  WTF was up with that? I was pretty taken aback that they wouldn’t serve it as a side. What happened to customer service up here?  So, the others ordered cheese fondue, which is absolutely the best when skiing.  Nothing hits the spot better!  But I made it through lunch eating this:


While I watched them eat this:


I was pretty impressed with my willpower.  Even after two pints of beer, I was able to stay away.  So after lunch we hit the slopes again.  The weather turned for the worse and the wind really picked up.  They told us, in order to get back to where our cars were, we had to take a button lift, which are the ones I really hate.  As a snowboarder, these can be tricky because you are being pulled sideways, unlike skiers where they can relax and just be pulled.  Snowboarders have to concentrate to keep their balance.  So, myself and one of the others in the group are not very experienced and kept falling.  I finally made it up on the third try, but ended up being up there by myself for 20 minutes waiting for the rest of the party to get up there.  Never happened.  The winds had picked up and I was getting pelted in the face, I had really bad cell service too so I couldn’t really get in touch with anyone.   So, at that point it was getting late and all the lifts were closing.  Unsure of where I had to go, I just guessed and made it down to what looked familiar to me.  I guessed right and found two people from our group there waiting for us!  Whew, the others finally made it down 20 minutes later.  That last little run of ours took it out of us.  We were all spent.  We packed up and left.

I finally got home at 6:30, two hours after I told my wife I’d be home, to make dinner.  I was looking forward to it all afternoon.  After that pitiful soup I had, it’s no wonder!

My parents got us a “Fondue Chinoise” set.  Traditionally, you cook all sorts of raw meat and vegetables in a broth that’s kept hot in this machine that’s plugged into the wall.  It’s served up with sauces and rice/noodles.  Well, after I couldn’t have cheese fondue for lunch, I was going to treat myself to this particular version of fondue.  I made it all vegan with veggies and some tofu and seitan to replace the meat.  There’s a little grilling plate on top, which we found great to grill the veggies and “meat” on after they had cooked a little in the broth, which was made with that “Better than Bouillon, No Beef” stuff I got from Iherb.  This stuff has really become my go to stuff for flavoring.  It’s absolutely better than bouillon!  I made sauces with some rice cream and mixed in flavors, such as one made with curry, another with dijon and soy sauce.  Here’s what we feasted on:Image

It was awesome! I’m stuffed now and just waiting for some room to open up so I can have a few more of those snickerdoodles that good ole wifey made.

So, another day down, and one with true temptation which I totally beat down like I was Chuck Norris! Onto the next workweek and nasty meal replacement shakes…yum.  Till mañana. Good Night!


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