Day 6

8 Feb

Well, that’s the end of the work week!  TGIF for sure!

Well, today was a loooong day at work.  I got up slightly earlier today and tried out the macadamia butter with cashews that I got in the Iherb shipment that came in yesterday.  I had it on toast with redcurrant jam.  It was pretty good, but still doesn’t touch good old Philly cream cheese or some good Gruyere cheese.  Had this with my usual coffee and was out the door early because I had to go renew my Mobilis pass (public transportation card here in the Lausanne area) before work.  I take public transportation to work because I don’t like dealing with traffic and I don’t mind having some time to read while I commute to work.  I had another coffee when I got to the office and a banana around noon.

I skipped lunch today and went to the gym and had the Raw Meal replacement shake at around 2pm.  It held me over till about 5, then I had an apple. I was stuck at the office until 8:15 pm, so I was pretty hungry by the time I left. I got home just before 9pm. While waiting for dinner to be ready, I tried those kale chips that came in the mail too.  They weren’t all that great.  Not as crispy as I thought it would be, but the flavor decent.  I guess I was expecting something more potato chip-like.

That made dinner even more welcome:


It was “Sweet Tomato Barbecue Tofu” with spicy slaw and grilled bread (a recipe she got from Clean Eating magazine).  My wife keeps bringing great food to the table, I will have to reciprocate this weekend and figure out what I’m making for her.  As usual, her meal was tasty.  I also treated myself to some rosé wine as a reward at the end of a hard work week.  Well, that’s it for now.

I’m going to try to put together a non-recap post this weekend.  Feel free to give me ideas. I’ve got a few in mind but always open to hear others.

Good night all.


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    […] husband worked late, but when he came home, I had made a pretty nifty dinner for us to enjoy.  Our 30 Day Vegan thing hasn’t been too hard.  I’m so proud of myself […]

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