Day 5

7 Feb

This is becoming pretty routine.  Woke up at 7am again, but this time had “Fit Flakes” for breakfast with brown sugar and almond slivers with rice milk and my usual coffee.

Had a banana for a snack around 10:30am.  I brought the leftover tabbouleh from the other day to work and ate that for lunch.  Had an apple for a snack around 4pm.

I had a later than usual night at work, so we ate around 9pm.  We ate some vegetable springrolls and my wife made “Asian dirty rice” as she put it (jasmine, sesame oil, sesame seeds, wakeme seaweed, edamame, salt, pepper and garlic powder).


It was simple but filling and tasty.  I liked the rice a lot, probably because I love edamame and sesame oil!  So, that’s it for tonight. I will probably reach for something sweet before bed, but we’ll see.

Oh, last night, I said there were no side effects from the diet. My wife corrected me and told me a negative side effect is my gas! Well, I guess she would take note of that more quickly than I would. Ha ha.  It’s true though, I do have a lot more gas.  The worst thing is these anti-gas pills we have are capsules with gelatin in them!

Last thing before signing off.  We got our shipment from today with a bunch of goodies:


Can’t wait to try this stuff.  Those Kale chips will probably be first!

Ok, see you tomorrow! Good night!


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