Day 4

6 Feb

Okay, maybe this is going to get repetitive.  So, on uneventful days, I’ll keep the entries quick! 

Started off the day with my usual muesli and coffee. We have access to free fruit at work, so I had a banana for a morning snack and an apple around 4.  One thing I made sure to do was pack lunch so I didn’t have to worry about it at work.  We have tons of left-overs from the previous nights.  So I chose the japchae from Sunday.  It was still good, though the noodles did dry out a little bit. 

Tonight, we had salad and some food processed beans (black and soy with some seasoning and olive oil) on pita bread. 

As for cravings, I did find an old bag of Halloween candy in my desk…but I didn’t give in!

So, pretty uneventful Day 4.  But still on track.  I can’t believe I haven’t had anything dairy or meat in four days, and don’t miss it too badly.  If you told me this three years ago, I would have said you were crazy! So far, the food’s been tasty and I don’t feel any good or bad side effects yet (hoping for the good ones soon).  Have a good night everyone.


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