Day 3

5 Feb

Today started off much like yesterday.  Got up at 7am had muesli in almond/rice milk with coffee.

I mentioned that trying to get something vegan from one of my office’s food places is hard.  Well, it was harder today.  It was basically sweet potatoes and carrots that were available.  Everything else had some sort of animal product in it or was fruit.

I ended up having to drink the “planty” Raw Life Meal Replacement shake.  I mixed it with some apple juice and orange juice.  I guess I’m getting used to it because it went down a little easier today. I do have to say it keeps you full. I didn’t get hungry until I was on my way home.

Once again, I came home to a prepared dinner, courtesy of my lovely wife. She kind of winged it today, with the same result, delicious. She looked in the fridge, saw what vegetables needed to be used.  She was also trying to make the meal as nutritiously dense as possible (green onion, spinach, carrots, cucumber, something labeled “kale” but looks more like collard greens, garlic, tomato juice, tomato paste, water and some bouillon base).  She threw everything into the food processor and sauteed it a pan. She planned on using it as a pasta sauce with some vegan meatballs (Cornatur from Migros).  However, no pasta except egg noodles and lasagna sheets.  So, she used the lasagna sheets by layering the sauce and meatballs with the sheets and put it in the oven.  Here’s the result:


Once again…two helpings! But I figure it’s still healthier than what I’m usually eating.  And we will not give in to our chocolate craving tonight!  We are also logging our weight each morning to track if there will be any weight loss.  Taking pictures of our face, tummy and love handles also.  But I will reveal that at the end of the thirty days…maybe. 🙂

Well, that’s another day done.  Again, no real craving, just pissed that my lunch has been pretty crappy for two days in a row.  I will bring something from home tomorrow.

Good night!


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