Let’s get this thing started

3 Feb

Hi everyone.  So, this is my first blog. Well, first, any type of writing log i have ever attempted to keep…that wasn’t forced upon me by a teacher in grade school. What has inspired me to do start this blog is a little experiment that my lovely wife convinced me to do.  “What could it be?” you ask? It’s to take up the vegan lifestyle with her for thirty days.


Me, a technically Swiss citizen (I say technically because that is what my passport says, but I have lived all around the world and gone to American schools all my life, then lived in the US when I went to College and the seven years after graduating…So basically, I’m American).  I’ve eaten meat all my life. I have lived in Brazil, the meat eating capital of the world! For any of you who haven’t eaten Brazilian Churrasco, you are missing quite an experience.  I moved out of the US about six years ago an now live in Lausanne, Switzerland.

My wife, whom I met in college, is a vegetarian. She has been since she was a kid and has never thought twice about it. She has always respected my meat-eating ways and never been really preachy about what I eat.  However, she has set some “guidelines” for me, which I have agreed to, and followed.  Examples would be: no veal (which I can understand), no fois gras (after hearing the process, I’m pretty disgusted) and basically no mass produced meats (which is basically all non organic meats in the US). With a little googling, you can probably figure out why these three preceding “guidelines” she set forth are pretty understandable.

A few years back she saw a video “Meet your Meat” on YouTube.  She showed it to me and it really ruined the joy of eating meat I experienced all my life.  Damn her!  Because of that video, I am always thinking about whether or not the meat on my plate has been raised/produced in a humane and healthy way. A few more documentaries found their way onto my TV, such as “Food, Inc.” and “Forks over Knives.”   All very interesting documentaries (I love documentaries) and worth a watch…but, be warned!  You won’t look at food the same ever again…even the grain industry!  They are probably the biggest bastards of all.

Back to my wife.  She is not a vegan, but has wanted to take that next step from vegetarian for a while. Especially since dairy supports the veal industry, which mortifies her. She also found out that most cheeses here in Switzerland use the calf’s stomach lining in the production process (I can give you the story on how she found out another day).  So since then, no fondue or most of the great Swiss cheeses for her. Which was huge, since that was a big part of her diet.

She has now asked me to join her for thirty days of veganism! I said yes, because I’m putty in her hands and will do pretty much anything she asks, especially with those doe-like eyes of hers. Plus, she feels so strongly about this, so of course I’ll do it.  It’s thirty days, and what’s it gonna do to me? Make me feel more healthy? Maybe lose some weight? Oh, the horror! It will be hard, I’m sure. But I’m game, so let’s get started! 

My attempt is to have one entry per day.  A journal of sorts, describing what I ate, how I feel, what obstacles I face, etc.  By the way, living in Switzerland does not make being vegan easy!  In many restaurants, you ask them if they have any vegetarian options, they’ll point you to the fish on the menu! So, my plan is also to make this a resource to anyone else living in Switzerland who would brave the vegan world as I’m doing for these next thirty days.  I will provide helpful information on where to get vegan products here in good old Switz, what recipes we’ve tried and whether we recommend them or advise you to stay away! Wish me luck…

Well, that’s it for now.  Hopefully I won’t get lazy and will provide 30 blog entries over the next month.  Any comments are welcome!  Wish me luck!


3 Responses to “Let’s get this thing started”

  1. Amanda February 3, 2013 at 1:46 pm #

    Hi ! My passport also says I’m Swiss (father is Swiss, mother is Mexican, grew up in Mexico, studied / lived in Switzerland for 4 years after High School). I came here via your lovely wife and I will be following you 🙂 Like I explained in a comment at her place, we are pretty much on the same line regarding our food choices. I am kind of a vegetarian but not a perfect one, if we should put it that way. It’s difficult to fit in a box….

    • dbrunner281 February 3, 2013 at 7:13 pm #

      Great! Good to have my first follower that wasn’t a result of nepotism. Hopefully I can make my blog as interesting as my wife’s. I look forward to hearing more from you.

  2. Isabelle February 6, 2013 at 9:03 am #

    well done !

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